Department Of Director General Of Lands And Mines (Federal) - State PTG Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur is a department under Ministry Of Energy And Natural Resources (KeTSA) provide myUSSD service for ''Semakan Cukai Tanah dan Status Perserahan Urusniaga dan Bukan Urusniaga serta Pertanyaan Kod Mukim WPKL'' via the USSD short code of *158#   

Step by step guide to using myUSSD PPTG WPKL:


Charges for myUSSD is RM0.35 for up to two (2) minutes. This period is referred to a first session. If you continue with the session within 30 seconds from the expiry of the first session, there will be no charges for up to an additional two (2) minutes for the second session.

For more information myUSSD PPTG WPKL, click here .

*** Information for myUSSD service offered by Government, please visit myGovMobile.