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Mineral & Geoscience



Minerals are defined as natural compounds formed through geological processes. Minerals include not only the chemical composition of a substance but also the structure of minerals. Mineral composition is differentiated from pure elements and simple salts to very complex silicates with thousands of known forms. Based on JMG's research, the country has significant mineral reserves for the further development of the mineral industry in our country. Malaysia at the international level is involved in AMMin, ASOMM, APEC and the CCOP. Activities undertaken these fora among others are, sharing of information, joint research and development of the mineral industry and development of human capital.


Geoscience is identified as a field of scientific research related to earth sciences. Geoscience encompasses areas such as engineering geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, environmental geology, geological heritage, marine geology, petroleum geology and geochemistry. Geoscience involve scientific research of the Earth, including composition, physical properties, structure, evolution, tectonic history and natural resources (geological resources) contained therein. Investigation and geoscience research is geared towards understanding the origin and distribution of the source, nature and evolution of the complexity of the earth's landscape and the wide range of environmental and climatic changes affecting each habitation on earth.  Geosciences activities among others include geological mapping, hydrogeology or groundwater studies, engineering geology, environmental geology and geological heritage.



  • Asean Senior Officials Meeting On Minerals (ASOMM) dan ASOMM+3
  • Asean Ministerial Meeting On Minerals (AMMIN)
  • ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Minerals Working Groups Meeting (ASOMM-WG)
  • Mid Term Review Task Force Meeting of ASEAN Mineral Cooperation Action Plan (AMCAP) III Phase 1 (MTR-TF)
  • Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
  • China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum (CAMCF)
  • IYPE National Committees
  • Earth Sciences for Society
  • Jawatankuasa Geopark Kebangsaan

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  • Eksplorasi Mineral Exploration in Bau, West Sarawak
  • Mineral Exploration Project in Peninsular Malaysia
  • "Supra-Rantau" Survey Project Coal Exploration in Middle of Sarawak
  • Sustainable Groundwater management for Langat Basin, Malaysia (2002)



  • Geophysic Airbone Survey in West Sarawak
  • Detail Geophysic Airbone Survey in West Sarawak



  • Projek Airtanah
  • Penilaian Sumber Arang Batu di Kawasan Merit-Pila
  • Projek Granit Gabungan Malaysia-Jerman
  • Eksplorasi Arang Batu Rantau Mukah-Balingan
  • Penyelidikan Karbonisasi Arang Batu


CCOP Member Countries

  • DCGM Project
  • SANGIS Project
  • Multi-Language Thesaurus Project



  • Korea - Technical Co-operation
  • Thailand - Malaysia-Thailand Geological Border Mapping Project
  • United Kingdom - KAR Project