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Sustainable Forest Management

Malaysia regards its natural forest resources as an important and valuable resource that contributes significantly towards the country's economy and environmental well-being. Our forests are very rich in flora and fauna species. It has been the aspiration of the Malaysian Government to ensure at least 50 percent of its land area under forests and tree cover in accordance with our commitment made at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.


Under the Malaysian Constitution, forestry comes under the jurisdiction of the respective State Governments. As such, each State is empowered to enact laws on forestry and to formulate forestry policy independently. The executive authority of the Federal Government only extends to the provision of advice and technical assistance to the States, training, the conduct of research, and in the maintenance of experimental and demonstration stations. In order to facilitate the adoption of a coordinated and common approach to forestry, as well as reconcile cross-sectoral policies that interface with the forestry sector, the National Land Council was established to enable the Federal and the State Governments to discuss and resolve common problems and issues relating to forestry policy, administration and management, as well as to enhance cooperation between the Federal and State Governments, so as to ensure a coordinated approach in the implementation of policies and programs related to forestry.


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Forest Management Practices

Malaysia is committed to the implementation of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). While focusing on economic growth and development, Malaysia will give equal emphasis to promote conservation of its natural resources and to give adequate attention to social and environmental aspects as well and these are enshrined in the National Forest Policy 1978 (Revised 1992) objectives statement as follows:

  • To conserve and manage the nation's forest based on the principles of sustainable management;
  • To protect the environment as well as to conserve biological diversity, genetic resources, and to    
    enhance research and education.


To ensure the continuity of flow of timber production in Malaysia, the control and regulation of forest resources is carried out using the area control and/or volume methods as prescribed in the forest management plan. In this regard, the allocation of the annual felling coupe is implemented to balance the production and extraction of timber based on the net area of production forest within the Permanent Reserved Forest. Compliance to the allocated annual felling coupe by each state is reported to the National Land Council, which is chaired by the Right Honorable Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.




​Biodiversity Management and Forestry Divison
  • Majlis Perhutanan Negara
  • Kumpulan Kerja Pakar Mengenai Inisiatif Heart of Borneo
  • Pasukan Petugas Khas Jawatankuasa Operasi Menanam Pokok-Pokok Bakau dan Spesies-Spesies Yang Sesuai Di Persisiran Pantai Negara
  • Jawatankuasa Kebangsaan CITES
  • Jawatankuasa Kebangsaan Inventori Biodiversiti
  • Pasukan Petugas Khas Peringkat Nasional bagi Menangani Isu Pembalakan Haram

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Biodiversity Management and Forestry Divison