To spearhead sustainable electricity supply industry and natural resources governance for the wellbeing of the nation


  • Managing electricity supply industry strategically by optimizing the renewable energy and energy efficiency to ensure reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity supply services
  • Leading an integrated natural resources governance based on efficient and optimal use of resources in line with national policies, laws and international commitments


​P​roviding efficient services in the management of energy and natural resources through:
  • ​Integrated action mechanisms incorporating policy formulation, legislation and consolidation of strategic collaboration involving stakeholders at all levels
  • Law enforcement, international intervention and commitments
  • Economic enrichment through sustainable management activities of electricity supply industry and natural resources
  • Strengthening the initiatives of sustainable energy and conservation of natural resources
  • Optimization of human capital development and efficient financial management and;
  • Empowerment of expertise, information sharing, technology and consulting services in research, development, innovation and commercialization​