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Strategic Planning and International Division

  • To ensure the Ministry's and its agencies' policy, strategic plan, regulation and programme are well planned and drafted in line with the Cabinet's decision and the implementations are monitored efficiently and effectively
  • To create a comprehensive policy framework in line with the strategic planning of the Ministry in international negotiations to ensure the national interest in environmental issues related to trade is preserved.
  • To ensure responses, inputs and brief notes to other ministry on regard of international and domestic affairs that related to the ministry and its agencies is coordinated within the time.
  • Leading and attending all the free trade agreement and regional free trade agreement negotiation in coherent with environmental agenda to ensure national stand regarding environmental issues in trade is sustain and uphold in international level.
  • Monitoring matters related to Ministry Strategic Plan, Service Continuity Plan, Transformation Initiative and RKT for all divisions/department.
  • Administering, monitoring and coordinating preparatory meeting and post-negotiation of Free Trade Agreement/ Regional Trade Agreement.
  • Administering, monitoring and coordinating the preparation of brief notes, speaking notes, and information for cooperation and international meeting.