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Malaysian Centre for Geospatial


  • To help in geospatial information sharing and exchange between agencies by using the latest on-line information technology hence the latest and correct information can be conveyed quickly and reliably. 
  • To avoid wastage due to uncoordinated efforts in collecting, processing, maintaining, preparing, and distributing geospatial information that is needed for land planning, land usage monitoring and environmental  supervision. 



  • An advisor to the government of Malaysia in the formulation and implementation of policies regarding geospatial data
  • A coordinating body for the development of geospatial data and standards for geographic information/geomatics
  • To act as the national centre for dissemination of geospatial data                        
  •  A technical reference centre for advisory and consulting services with regard to the development and application of geospatial data.
  • To develop and coordinate MyGDI Clearinghouse activities
  • To plan and develop a GIS human resource development programme.
  • To conduct activities to promote MyGDI throughout the country to encourage its utilisation
  • To become an R&D centre for GIS
  • To represent the public sector in international forum and meetings concerning geospatial data. 
  • Click here to view MyGeoportal website :