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Legal Advisory Unit


To provide legal services of the highest quality,  professionally and efficiently in accordance with the Federal Constitution  in fair, just and equitable manner.



The Legal Advisory Unit  act on behalf of the Attorney General's Chambers in carrying out its functions at the Ministry/Department level to:

  • give legal advise and opinion in verbal or writting by virtue of Article 145 of the Federal Constitution;
  • draft the principal legislations and subsidiary legislations which also includes drafting of the new legislations, repealling any of the irrelevent or outdated legislations or amending the existing legislations under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources ("KeTSA");
  • represent  the Government of Malaysia in any legal proceedings by or against the Government of Malaysia under the jurisdiction of KeTSA or the Departments under KeTSA;
  • conduct law revision on any of the provisions of laws including the principal and subsidiary legislations under the jurisdiction of KeTSA; and
  • oversee the handling and execution of prosecution works  by the Prosecuting Officers at the Departments/Agency level.