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Land Division


  • To ensure that the implementation of land administration in the country and the provision of survey and mapping services are in line with current government's policy. 
  • To enable the National Land Council to function as an effective forum in ensuring the uniformity and consistency of land administration in the country.



  • To draft/coordinate the drafting of legislations/regulations/policies on land matters, survey and mapping.
  • Monitor and consolidate the implementation of policies/legislation/regulations and Ministry's decisions that are related with the land, survey and mapping.
  • To assist the Minister in the implementation of his powers and functions under the various legislations/regulations related to land matters, survey and mapping. 
  • To coordinate follow-up actions on the incoming issues or instructions from the cabinet with the various departments/agencies within the Ministry on land matters, survey and mapping.
  • To act as the secretariat and coordinate Malaysian international border meetings and inter-state border meetings. 
  • Consolidate and manage the National Land Council meetings.