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Internal Audit Unit


  • To assist top management to ensure financial management controls are carried out in accordances with the existing policies, laws and regulations.
  • To carry out examination on internal control system and operational management on revenue, expenditure and government asset.
  • To determine the extent of the organisation's programme and activities are managed efficiently, economical and effectively.
  • To prepare an independent audit report to the Secretary General of the Ministry which is fair and timely on the organisation's operation. 



The main functions of The Internal Audit Unit under the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources are as follows :-

  • To ensure the financial operation of the ministry and departments/ agencies under its control is  managed and administered properly and ensure the ministry policies, laws and regulations are complied.
  • To ensure the establishment of internal controls, proper systems and records are maintained.
  • To evaluate and review properly and systematically on the ministry's operation base on economically, efficiently and effectiveness. 
  • To recommend measures to improve operational weakness of the ministry and departments/agencies under its control.
  • To submit a report concerning the ministry's operation to the Chief Secretary (Pegawai Pengawal) so that he could focus the situation of the ministry and departments/agencies under his control on the aspect of administrative and financial management, to ensure plan objectives are carried out and achieved and resources are allocated efficiently and orderly.
  • To provide information in to Bahagian Khidmat Nasihat Pengurusan Kewangan Perbendaharaan Malaysia whenever necessary to help, review and evaluate financial policies, procedures, system and internal audit scope.
  • To provide Annual Planning and Annual Internal Audit report.