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Integrity Unit


  • To consolidate all managerial matters relating to integrity under one unit in such a way that ultimately all initiatives engineered towards institutionalizing the integrity, preventtin, compliance, detection of misconduct and punitive actions can be carried out in a focused manner, efficient and achieved optimal success.



 Main functions of Integrity Unit of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources are:-

  • To ensure the implementation of good governance.
  • To inculcate, institutionalize and implement the concept of integrity in organization.
  • To identify and verify complaints in regards to criminal misconduct and the violations of the code of conduct and ethics of organization and to ensure appropriate actions are taken, and to report criminal misconduct to responsible enforcement agencies.
  • To receive and respond on all complaints/information concerning violations of criminal misconduct and ethics of organization.
  • To ensure the compliance of laws and regulations adhere to.
  • To function as the Secretariat of the Disciplinary Board.