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Information Management Division


  • Provide infrastructures, infostructures and ICT services which can support  the vision, mission and objective of  Ministry. 
  • To ensure security and secure ICT integrity asset. 
  • As a pioneer and role model of ICT usage in Ministry working culture.
  • Create excellent and competent IT personnel.



  • To develop an integrated Information Strategic Plan for the Ministry.
  • To act as Secretariat for the Ministry's ICT Steering Committee (JPICT).
  • To ensure implementation of Ministry's ICT projects according to ISP planning, current policies, circulars and guidelines. 
  • To upgrade management capability and Ministry operation through the use of ICT.
  • To support the Ministry in implementing Electronic Government applications. 
  • To control and organise ICT security according to public sector ICT security guidelines; KeTSA ICT Security Policy and KeTSA ICT and Communication Management Guidelines.
  • To provide technical ICT advice and services. 
  • To plan and implement ICT capacity building. 
  • To plan, develop and maintain ICT applications which can support the functions and operation of the Ministry. 
  • To plan and implement ICT equipment procurement and disposal. 
  • To plan, coordinate and monitor central agency initiatives (e.g. MyGov*Net 1GovuC and GDC) at KeTSA , Departments and Agencies.