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Development Division


  • To ensure the preparation of the Five-Year Malaysian Plan and Yearly Budget for developement projects under the Ministry are being implemented effectively and in line with the Government Policies. 
  • To monitor consistently the implementation of the development projects with due regard to financial dan physical performance aspects.  
  • To ensure the full utilization of Project Mornitoring System II (SPP II) as a tool for planning, monitoring and evaluation of developement projects. 


  • To plan and coordinate strategic implementation of KATS's development projects under the Malaysia 5-Year Plan with due regard to the priorities of the National Policy
  • To coordinate the preparation of Annual Development Budget for the Departments/Agencies/Divisions under the Ministry;
  • To monitor the progress of the implementation of development projects through Project Monitoring System II (SPP II), Visit to project sites or Reports from Departments/Agencies/Divisions of KATS;         
  • To chair or attend the Project Monitoring Meeting, Budget Evaluation Meeting, Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Tindakan Pembangunan Kementerian (JTPK) and Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Tindakan Pembangunan (JTP) which are being conducted by the Departments/Agencies/Divisions
  • To follow up closely on projects which are facing problems or being delayed by identifying the cause of the problems and suggesting suitable solutions to overcome them promptly; and 
  • To coordinate and prepare the reports relating to the implementation of the development projects under Departments/Agencies/Divisions as well as conducting evaluation on the impacts from the effectiveness of projects towards its target group and the nation as a whole.