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Administration and Finance Division



  • To ensure that the financial requirements for the organization is allocated and distributed according to requirements that are planned for programs and activities
  • To ensure that the process of budget management, revenues, pre-payment and account records are managed efficiently, integrity and effectively and respectively follow the financial rules and policies and aligned with   national standards and customer's charter



  • Budget Management

                    ~ Manage the Annual Budget Estimation for the organization.

                    ~ Prepare the Allocation Warrant.

                    ~ Prepare the Periodically Financial Report for the Central Agency and Ministry Management.

                    ~ To be a Committee of Accounting and Financial Management meetings for ministry level.

                    ~ To monitor the data of foremost transaction for the ministry and Accounting Office.

                    ~ To be a Committee of Financial Audit and in charge of Responsibility Centre/ Cost Centre.

  • Revenue Management

                    ~ Prepare and selling the tender documents, manage advertisement and tender box.

                    ~ Prepare quotation documents.

                    ~ To process and prepare the government local orders for local buy of revenues. 

                    ~ To be a Committee of meetings that is related with the management of revenues tender, quotations and direct negotiation. 

                    ~ To consolidate the offer letters and contract documents. 

  • Account and Payment Management

                   ~ Prepare the input of computerized salary paperwork for government officer and non-officer.               

                   ~ To complete the pre-payment work as to ensure the Payment Office issues the payment cheque in a certain period of time. 

                   ~ To implement the revenue collection work and consolidate the efficient accounting records for deposits and funds.




  • Ensure that the efficient administration is balanced to the latest information technology development 



  • Revenue and Asset Management Unit  
  • Asset Management is one of the components in the overall government resources management which consist of man, money, material. These three aspects are vital to the daily operations of Public Sector in performing public activities. If these three resources are utilized effectively and efficiently, it shall produce a useful and benefited output. National Chief Auditor frequently highlighted the government asset management weaknesses, among them are as follows;

                    ~ Weakness in equipment maintenance.

                    ~ Equipment which is not fully utilized.

                    ~ Weaknesses in inventory control which lead to excessive purchasing.

                    ~ Inventory level control was not continuously revised by the management.

                    ~ Inappropriate storage.

                    ~ Unutilized or out dated equipments.

                    ~ Records which are not updated

                    ~ Storage of expired item.

                    ~ Weakness in asset physical control

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